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Javan Rhino Expedition 10D/9N

Javan Rhino Expedition 10D/9N

Javan Rhino Expedition 10D/9N is an adventure tour where you will do expedition of Javan rhino. Javan rhinos can live around 30–45 years in the wild. They historically inhabited lowland rain forest, wet grasslands, and large floodplains. Experience the wildlife of Ujung Kulon National Park.

However, the park is very dense, hike from the entrance to a river deep inside the park. Because the Javan Rhinos are mostly seen in this river. So, most of the wildlife activities will be canoeing silently up and down this river. Meanwhile, we head into the park with a team of porters and spend the entire time camping in the forest. Moreover, we will return to the camp for our meals and of course our tents for each night. (All of your meals will be prepared and eaten at the camp in between our excursions into the forest.)

Day 1. Jakarta – Laban – Karang Ranjang – Cikeusik / Citadahan

Pick up at 5 am in Jakarta, then proceed to the border of Ujung Kulon by private car. Arrival at the border Ujung Kulon, then continue by boat to Laban. Next, after arrived, we will start trekking to the camp site at Cikeusik. Meanwhile, arrival time at Cikeusik is around in the evening.

(Note: we will stay at Cikeusik river for 3nights, and if there is no sign for rhino, we move to Citadahan, another spot).

Day 2 – 4. Focus to Javan Rhino Expedition at Cikeusik River

We will explore the forest as we search for the Javan rhino. We will rise early each morning as we aim to find a rhino, because they use the river to bath and browse on the semi aquatic vegetation. However, in the past this has been one of the most fruitful ways to find and see the rhino. So, by using a couple of canoes we will silently paddle up and down stretches of the Cikuesik River (and possibly other rivers nearby) for a while hope that we see one.

Furthermore, we will go back to the camp for breakfast and then plan the next course of action. So, we will probably look to cruise the rivers at dawn and dusk and also have the opportunity to set up hides overlooking some of the wallows that the rhinos like to use. Meanwhile, this is an option for anyone wishing to do this and of course we can hike around and try and find fresh evidence of the rhinos as they move through the forest.

However, this is just an overview of what is possible and the exact day by day plan will change and be discussed and dictated by the rhino’s movements. Moreover, it is also worth keeping an eye out in the rivers and sea as there are salt-water crocodiles here and so be careful when near the riverbanks and keep your hands and feet inside the canoe at all times.

Day 5 – 8. Cikeusik – Citadahan Camp Site

After earlier breakfast, we trek to Citadahan spot where we will stay and camp at Citadahan. Then we will explore Citadahan as we search for the Javan rhinos. However, we will rise early each morning. Because fresh footprints of Javan Rhino are often founded.

Alongside the rhinos there are many other species in the park, like all tropical forests there are many species of birds, reptiles and amphibians. Meanwhile, mammal wise there are Javan gibbons and ebony lutungs (both endemic to Java) in the trees, various squirrels around, Javan small-toothed palm civets, bantengs and even leopards in the park. However, the leopards have a near mythical status here and the rhinos are seen a lot more often.

However, this is just an overview of what is possible and the exact day by day plan will change and be discussed and dictated by the rhino’s movements.

Day 9. Citadahan – Cidaon Camp Site

Breakfast will be served before we go to Cidaon. Then after breakfast, we will trek to Cidaon where we will stay overnight at the camp site. It is the best and most popular location to see the wild bull colony at Ujung Kulon National Park.

Meanwhile the view is amazing, you can enjoy your camp while looking at the beautiful Cidaon Grazing Ground.

Day 10. Cidaon – Border of Ujung Kulon – Jakarta

You will be picked up by wooden boat where you will be dropped off back to the border of Ujung Kulon. Then after we arrived at the border of Ujung Kulon, we will drive back to Jakarta hotel or Jakarta international airport.

End of tour.

  • Pick up & Drop Off
  • Drop off to the border of Ujung Kulon National Park
  • Boating on Day 1 to Laban, close to the ranger station
  • 9 nights Camp
  • Daily meals
  • Daily mineral water
  • Snacks & fruits
  • English speaking guide
  • Ranger
  • Local guide
  • The porters (local community)
  • Canoeing equipment
  • Daily entry permit
  • SIMAKSI (a special permit for special interest)
  • Insurance
  • Camping gears, one tent each: sleeping bag, pillow, mattress
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Daily logistic
  • Cooking equipment

  • Other expenses (optional tour Cigenter river)
  • Accommodation in Ujung Kulon
  • Boating from island to the island
  • Alcohol
  • The tips and gratuities for the guide and the crew
  • Tipping driver & guide
  • Other Personal Expenses

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