Discover the volcanoes at Java. There are many different volcanoes to visit. From non-active to volcanoes that are still active. If you like to challenge yourself with a long-distance trekking, the trekking to the Salak Volcano in Bogor is definitely the best choice. This adventure starts in Halimun National Park in Bogor Regency, approximately 2 hours drive from Jakarta. It is a journey where you will climb to the forest to reach the crater of Kawah Ratu. The total duration of this trekking is minimal 7 hours.

Another amazing and very popular volcano trekking is the Ijen Blue Fire night tour. This one is located in Banyuwangi, in east-Java. The trekking from the crater rim to the summit is around 2 hours. You will climb up the volcano by night to witness the magical blue flame which is only visible in the dark.

Many travelers choose to combine the trekking to Ijen with a visit at Mount Bromo.  Bromo is well-known for its beautiful sunrise. You don’t have to make a climb or trekking to the sun viewpoint. This excursion is arranged by jeeps and is suitable for all travelers.

There are many other volcanoes to visit at Java which can be reached by car. For example: the Tangkuban Perahu in Lembang and Kawah Putih in Ciwidey. Both are located in Bandung, west-Java.